Contenders is one of the most up and coming MMA Promotions in the UK, boasting some of the world's most popular stars and athletes.

Based in Norwich, the promotion holds around 6 shows a year and as of 2019, are 27 shows in. Since 2013 I have been commissioned to design logos, posters, websites, car & van wraps, fight cards, media boards, banners, billboards, brochures and much more.

As 2019 came around, Contenders felt like they needed an updated look to compete with the UFC's and Bellator's of the world.

Clients: Contenders
Year: 2019


The original colours of Contenders were red, but after looking at other promotions and realising they all use the same colour, we thought a change was in order. After numerous different colour ideas, we settled on 'Fluro Green'.

Alternate Logos & Sub-brands

As well as the Contenders Pro shows, the promotion also holds amateur and inter-club shows for lower level fighters. Road to Contenders showcases the best amateur fighters in the region, with the chance to make it onto the Pro show. The League of Contenders is a monthly inter-club league held at Elite Gym in Norwich. Fighters and clubs come from all over the country to compete in this competition.