Hi-5's Club

Logo Design

Don't be a Buzzkill is a product designed to help save the bees. This small package contains loads of goodies and can fit through the mailbox.

Since 2009, the UK's bee population has decreased by over 30%. I wanted to find a way to raise awareness of this problem and to create a fun activity from it.

The Don't be a Buzzkill package contains a small informational booklet, posters, stickers, a zine and more! There is also an app which people can use to share their photos and experiences of bees with other bee lovers.

Clients: Tops Days Nurseries
Website: topsandaspirecareers.co.uk
Year: 2017

"The designs created by Jamie and Ross really stood out to us. They took into account our current branding and presented the designs in a number of ways which was brilliant to see."

- Zoe Roberts, Sales and Marketing Manager