Helping to refine the core identity
and values of Swiss software
company LzLabs.


Visual Designer


Digital artwork
Print design

The LzLabs

Whist working at Athlon, I was part of the team responsible for updating the current identity of LzLabs. They felt like their current graphics were a bit messy and that their core values were not coming across. Our challenge was to help tidy this up. This included marketing material, brand guidelines, digital assets, internal documents and more.

Lzlabs brand guidelines
Lzlabs logo space
Lzlabs coverLzlabs cover
Lzlabs brand value icons
Lzlabs illustrationLzlabs illustrationLzlabs illustrationLzlabs illustration
Lzlabs campaign
Lzlabs posterLzlabs poster
Lzlabs brochure
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