Virgin Instinctive

Brand Design

Virgin Atlantic now offers hotel stays and experiences at the point of booking flights. This new 'Flight & Hotel' proposition is about being able to confidently book an entire trip at the touch of a button.

This brief was set by Virgin Atlantic for the 2019 D&AD New Blood competition. The challenge was to create a new name, brand and set of assets for this 'Flight & Hotel' sub-brand.

Virgin wanted us to design this sub-brand for confident, independent travelers, who know what they want. People who consider 'time as the new money and experience as the new wealth'.

Brief: D&AD New Blood
Year: 2019

Poster Designs

These are some of the posters for the advertising campaign. They feature the deep purple and red colours of Virgin, which gives them an exciting and luxurious feel.

I searched for photos of landmarks online that I thought were taken at an interesting angle and not the same boring tourist photos you see all the time. I then inverted the photos and applied a gradient map to achieve the effect. The white typography really stands out on the dark background.

Website Design & Reward System

Taking inspiration from software like Spotify with its fixed navagation bar on the left side, I created a visually attractive website that is both easy use and stunning to look at.

The navagation bar features important links like, Flight & Hotel deals, Wish List, Special Offers and My Profile. The hompage also has the search bar fixed at the top of the screen so you can easily customize a search. On the Wish list page, customers can pick their dream locations and view the latest deals and offers conviniently in one place.

Instinctive Tickets is a reward system that allows customers to access special discounts and offers such as free flights or spending money. The My Profile page allows customers to see how many tickets they need to unlock rewards.